Sometimes I see something that catches my eye. It might a bit quirky, an intriguing composition or simply just colours and light that I’m attracted to. Most pictures below have captions as years working in the news business have taught me a little text goes a long way. The only order is that the most recent, is usually, on the top.

A gallery visitor mirrors the Diane Arbus picture, titled ‘A Jewish giant at home with his parents at home in the Bronx N.Y 1970’ on exhibition at the North Hertfordshire Museum in Hitchin February 13, 2024.

Cheryl Jagger and Phillip ‘Gypsy’ Smith dance to live music by the Eddie Twang Trio Rock ’n’ Roll band at the Service Station Wine and Coctail bar in Hull during a 1950’s event February 4, 2024.
A picture that is being used to promote the exhibition ‘You and Me in HU3’ is held up in the exact place the original picture was taken in 1983 in Woodcock Street, Hull. George Norris, who is in the original picture, walks along the street February 4, 2024.
People use virtual reality equipment as they 'explore' ancient Egypt in the Horizon of Khufu but all in the safety of Westfield shopping centre in Stratford, London February 10, 2024.
George walks through an underpass near the Lordline building in Hull Februray 4, 2024. The blue light is intended to prevent drug uses injecting themselves as they cannot see their veins in this light.
People chat as they enjoy lunch at the outdoor market in Norwich January 11, 2024.
A man walks up the hill past decorated hoardings that surround Norwich Castle where conservation work is taking place to restore the Norman Keep in Norwich January 11, 2024.
Old and rotting docks along the Humber Estuary at night, February 4, 2024.
A warm glow from windows on cold start to a January day as sunlight starts to break the house and tree line in Horsham January 15, 2024.
A fisherman tends to his rod as a rainbow forms at sea at Aldeburgh, in Suffolk December 31, 2023.
People walk along the Suffolk coast at Aldeburgh wrapped up against the rain, cold and wind on New Year's Eve December 31, 2024.
A rare picture of photographer Russell Boyce near the A406 near Wanstead, London October 12, 2023. Credit where credit's due. Picture by John Moore
Workers remove bubblegum from the pavement in Wanstead, London September 26, 2023.
Women dressed in pink shelter under umbrellas as they arrive for a wedding reception in the pouring rain in Hull October 26, 2023.
Gypsy Luggy Price uses a power car wash spray to carefully remove shampoo from his horse Mama at the A1 Car Wash in Hull October 5, 2023. Luggy is getting the horse ready for the Hull Horse fair that opens on Sunday.
Purple shoes, peach bag, peak cap and fashionably ripped jeans as woman hurries along London's iconic Park Crescent under an umbrella sheltering from cool light rain October 18, 2023.
Gypsy boy Kylo sits proudly on his bike on the Division Road cemetery temporary site in Hull October 6, 2023. The gypsies had been served notice by the council to leave the site.
A man walks through an underpass in Hull that is covered with graffiti and lit with blue lights to try to prevent drug addicts from using it as a place to shoot up October 4, 2023.
Revd. Tori Venmore-Rowland irons her vestments prior to the blessing of the wedding of Hannah Atkinson and Chris Applin in Pentney, Norfolk September 6, 2023.
A visitor to the Tate Modern exhibition ‘A World in Common: Contemporary African Photography’ looks at a series of pictures titled ’Tipo Passe’ by Edson Chagas September 11, 2023. Chagas photographed sitters wearing traditional Bantu masks that represent the spirits of ancestors.
Marina Francesco looks into a mirror as she adjusts her wig in her pink themed hairdressing salon, Signature by Rina, on Roman Road, London August 15, 2023.
A woman wearing bright pink stands in brilliant sunshine near the doorway of Ryman's using her phone as she waits for a friend in Horsham August 27, 2023.
Marwa Banaras and Easha Tariq chat behind their display of hand made soaps and candles at the south Asian Heritage celebrations at Lea Bridge Library, London July 29, 2023.
George Norris sings 'Panic' by The Smiths during Karaoke night at the Halfway pub on Hessle Road, Hull August 7, 2023.
Charlie Honeywood the ‘Ferry Man’ who operates the ferry between Felixstowe North and Bawdsey Landing across River Debden in Suffolk July 15, 2023.
A man walks along the walls of Framlingham Castle as storm clouds gather in the blue skies July 15, 2023.
A trophy presentation ceremony at a gymkhana seen from the walls of Framlingham Castle, Suffolk.
Undertaker Conor Bolt from Cooks Carriages leads horse Robin to the horse drawn hearse prior to a funeral just off the Lea Bridge Road.
A woman walks into a shaft of light at the end of an underpass in Horsham.

Being forced to walk down the stairs because the down escalator was out of order offered up a near symmetrical and yellow picture. Cherry on the top was a traveller at the bottom of the stairs June 20, 2023.

A woman looks at the exhibition ‘Assignments’ curated by the British Press Photographers Association, at Bargehouse on Southbank, London.

A small boy looks longingly at an icecream van on the seaside in Aldeburgh May 28, 2023.

A swimmer dives into what is known locally as 'The Ladies Sea Water Bathing Pool' at St Peter Port in Guernsey. The tension between the fingers and the water surface and the blues of the trucks and the water colour almost palpable.

Rather pleasing for me to be able to give long-term busker Eddie Walker, a couple of prints of himself playing guitar on the streets of Peterborough. He had to have a print because he told me he hasn’t touched a computer since the 1990s.

Joint owner of the Wanstead Tea Hut Jenny Maestri carries a giant model ice cream as she packs up at the end of the first day of British Summer Time, Epping Forest.

People wait for the horse drawn funeral of Jason Whincup to start in Hull. Jason was stabbed to death outside his home.

1950’s and 1970‘s retro fashion brought up to date by Marie and Ryan in Hull.

Coffee, waffles and milkshakes no more. A man walks his dog passed a closed down teas room in a bright winter light, Southwold, Suffolk.

People seen through steamed up windows enjoy drink at the Must Wine Bar in London.

A shopper in Westfield, Stratford who is wrapped up against cold, draws on cigarettes as he walks past an advertising hoarding promoting new housing.

The bright colours of morning sunshine and a pre-breakfast red lipstick yawn reflected in Cafeteria Bar Expresso on Charing Cross Road as a London bus passes.

'I'm sitting here on my front door step just listening to the birds. Tomorrow is the fiuneral of my wife and I miss her so much'. A sad but strangely peaceful day in Hull.

A man walks on Worthing Pier in bright sunshine on a blustery spring day. The picture was shot through stained glass decorations on the pier to get the yellow cast.

A man battles against the cold and drizzle with his umbrella as he climbs the overpass steps heading towards Snaresbrook Tube station, London, January 11, 2022.

People who are wrapped up against the cold hurry past a phone box that is crammed full of the possesions of a homeless man in London January 7, 2022.

On Leather Lane, London as well as a free copy of an English version of the Qur’an, Ethiopian coffee, food as diverse as you can wish for, Mexican, Thai, Lebanese, Kosher, greasy spoon and more, you can also get a 20-minute debate about who sets the moral compass, November 11, 2021.

A commuter at Waterloo railway station drinks coffee while she waits as people hurry past trying to make travel connections during a break in heavy rainfall in London.

A homeless man sleeps next to a poster promoting a scheme to encourage shoppers to rediscover their high street post Covid lockdown in Bournemouth’s shopping centre September 4, 2021.

A fisherman casts off at the end of Worthing Pier against a perfect blue sky April 25, 2021.

Wrapped up against the cold and wearing masks to protect themselves against COVID-19 people are refelcted in windows in Horsham January 25, 2021.

A woman clings onto a branch and uses her walking stick as she is determined to get past a large muddy puddle during her walk on New Year's Eve in London December 31, 2020. London is in Tier 4 lockdown as the population continues to battle coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

 Rain clouds gather over an offshore wind farm off the coast of Finton-on Sea, October 17, 2020.

I first documented George Norris working life as a 'Rag and Bone' man in 1983. When he returned to the family trade nearly 40 years later, the opportunity to see what had changed was too compelling to miss. I didn't want to repeat what I did in 1983 so slowed the pace down by photographing George using a 1966 Rolleiflex to shoot black and white film. Click on the picture above to see the story.

This morning breakfast was not set up by me. It was as it came. The day got better and better.
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