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Members of the British Royal Air Force wait in a bombed bunker wearing full Nuclear Biological and Chemical suits during a missile attack warning March 20, 2003 on their base in Kuwait during the war in Iraq.



A British Royal Air Force ground crew member marshalls out a Harrier GR7 at their base in Kuwait before a mission over Iraq March 29, 2003. U.S.-led forces mounted one of their fiercest air assaults yet in Baghdad Saturday, targeting the centre and outskirts of the city.



A small child waits her turn in the queue for water as British 23 Pioneer Regiment hand out fresh water from a tanker in the southern Iraqi town of Safwan March 31, 2003. The British forces are helping the local people with humanitarian aid.


Iraqi men crush to try to get food packages handed out by British soldiers from the Tactical Supply Wing from the back of a lorry in the southern Iraqi town of Safwan March 31, 2003. The British forces arehelping local people with humanitarian aid.


Iraqi men are forced back off the truck as they crush to try to get food packages handed out by British soldiers from the Tactical Supply Wing from the back of a truck, in the southern Iraqi town of Safwan March 31, 2003. Shots were fired as the British forces tried to control the distribution of humanitarian aid.

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U.S. troops wait in full Nuclear Biological and Chemical suits in a bunker at their base in Kuwait after a warning of a second scud missile attack from Iraq March 20, 2003. Iraq fired missiles at Kuwait, prompting U.S. troops to don chemical protective suits and setting emergency air raid sirens blaring in Kuwait City.


In the rush of an air raid warning, Royal Air Force Squadron Leader Jim Provost is readied for his mission by Safety Equipment fitters in a bunker on their base in Kuwait March 21, 2003. U.S. and British forces invaded Iraq overnight, crossing the desert border from Kuwait under cover of an intense artillery barrage, as a second air raid pounded targets in Baghdad.


A British Royal Air Force GR7 Harrier pilot looks through his night vision goggles as he goes through final checks as it taxis to the runway on their base in Kuwait prior to his mission over Iraq March 22, 2003. U.S. and British warplanes pounded Baghdad around the clock on Saturday, upping the ferocity of their aerial bombardment as U.S. Marines battled Iraqi forces on the outskirts of the southern city of Basra.


A U.S. Stealth 117 fighter lands at its base in Kuwait after its mission over Iraq March 22, 2003. U.S. and British warplanes pounded Baghdad around the clock on Saturday, upping the ferocity of their aerial bombardment as U.S. Marines battled Iraqi forces on the outskirts of the southern city of Basra.


Police arrest a demonstrator during a rally against the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Sydney September 8, 2007.


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New York police stand near a wanted poster printed by on a full page of a New York newspaper for Saudi-born militant Osama bin Laden in the financial district of New York, September 18, 2001. Osama bin Laden has been named by U.S President George W. Bush as the prime suspect in last week's attacks in New York and Washington. A two-minute silence was observed today paying tribute to those killed or missing.


A man places his hand on a wall showing photos of missing people outside Bellevue Hospital in New York September 16, 2001. Family and friends of people missing since the collapse of the World Trade Center have been posting photos of their loved ones.


Muslim religious leader Abu Hamza addresses the media outside the Finsbury Park Mosque in London on September 11, 2002. Radical British Muslims passionately defended the September 11 attackers at a controversial meeting undermining efforts by Islamic moderates to improve their image.


People take part in a sponsored Sudoku competition in a shopping mall in Singapore November 15, 2008. The competition offers a prize of 2,000 Singapore dollars ($1,321) for the winner of the popular mathematical puzzle game.


The Dalai Lama addresses a news conference during his visit to London May 13, 1993. The Dalai Lama called for dialogue with the Chinese over Tibet.


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The hand of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II (L) is held by her husband the Duke of Edinburgh after her speech at the State Opening of Parliament in the House of Lords in London, November 13, 2002. Plans for a crackdown on crime and anti-social behaviour were at the heart of the Queen's Speech on November 13, which also included controversial plans for hospitals, jury trials and licensing laws.


Galileo (L) beats Fantastic Light (R) into second place to win the King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Diamond Stakes at Ascot July 28, 2001. Galileo was riden by Mick Kinane and is owned by Mrs John Magnier and Michael Tabor.


U.S. popstar Michael Jackson arrives at the Oxford University Union to give a lecture, and launch his global initiative for children 'Heal the Kids' March 6, 2001. Jackson will speak about child welfare, balancing love and family and his charity, 'Heal the Kids' and will be joined by its co-founder Rabbi Shmuley Boteach and psychic Uri Gellar.


A soldier guards cruise missiles before they are loaded onto a B-52 bomber at RAF Fairford March 25. U.S., British and other NATO allied aircraft bombarded Serb military targets last night as NATO finally carried out its threat to try and halt Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic's campaign in Kosovo.


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A Paratrooper checks his rifle as he waits to be airlifted to the border with Kosovo June 10, 1999 as NATO forces prepare to deploy a peace-keeping force.


Thousands of British paratroopers from 5 airbourne brigade march back to camps after being stood down from Kosovo deployment June 11. The British troops had been on alert to be the first NATO forces to be deployed to Kosovo, but will now not cross the border until tomorrow morning at the earliest.


British army soldiers walk on the road while a helicopter carrying a vehicle passes overhead near the southern Kosovo town of Kacanik, some 30 kms north of the Yugoslav-Macedonian border, June 12. Reporters witnessed some 200 British paratroopers deployed along the road.


British army soldiers run on the road near the southern Kosovo town of Kacanik, some 30 km north of Yugoslav-Macedonian border June 12. Reporters witnessed some 200 British paratroopers deployed along the road.


Serb houses burn as Serbians set fire to their homes in the Kosovo Polje suburb of Pristina as they leave the area June 15. The Serbs are destroying their property to prevent ethnic Albanians using them as they return to Pristina.


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A group of Kosovo Albanians greet British troops as they advance on the road near the village of Laplje Selo, some 15 kms south of the provincial capital Pristina June 12. NATO troops started taking control of the battered southern Yugoslav province from withdrawing Serb forces on Saturday in order to allow the safe return of nearly one million refugees.


Paratrooper Second Lt. Dave Blakely stands guard in a torture chamber in the cellar of a Serb police station in central Pristina June 17. NATO forces discovered massive amounts of explosives, implements of torture, drugs and pornography in the Police station.


The crushed skull of a man, identified by locals as that of ethnic Albanian resident Edmond Popova, lies in a shallow grave in Pristina, Kosovo June 19, 1999. Locals claim he was murdered by Serbian police on March 28 when he could not give them any money. Serb forces are on course to complete their withdrawal from Kosovo ahead of the midnight Sunday deadline.  


Australia's Lee dives to catch England's Strauss for 37 on third day of first test of The Ashes series in London.  Australia's bowler Brett Lee dives to catch England's batsman Andrew Strauss for 37 on the third day of the first test of The Ashes series at Lord's cricket ground in London July 23, 2005.


A Royal Air Force guard of honour carries the coffin bearing the remains of Diana, Princess of Wales, at RAF Northolt August 31. The Princess died in a Paris hospital after being seriously injured in a car crash in central Paris early Sunday. Her companion Dodi Al Fayed and the driver of her car were also killed.


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Queen Elizabeth II meets members of the public waiting in a queue to sign the book of condolence for Diana, Princess of Wales, outside St James's Palace, September 5.  The Princess will be buried on the family estate of Althrop House after a ceremony at Westminster Abbey Saturday.


Welsh Guardsmen pall-bearers carry the coffin of Diana, Princess of Wales, from the service at Westminster Abbey September 6. Millions of people lined the streets of London to watch the funeral procession of the Princess who died in a car crash last week in Paris.


British artist and pro-smoking campaigner David Hockney smokes a cigarette during the annual Labour party conference in Brighton September 28, 2005. Hockney will later speak at a fringe meeting and attack the government's plan to ban smoking in most public places.


A soldier from the 1st Battalion Scots Guards marches past military fire engines in Welington barracks as the army prepares to take over fire fighting duties in London November 14, 2002. The fire brigade have called for strike action.


Stunt man Gary Connery performs a base jump from Nelson's Column, which is draped with a poster of the spiritual leader of Tibet the Dalai Lama, in Trafalgar Square in London, May 9, 2003. The spectacle took place as part of a protest organised by campaigning group Act For Tibet against China's occupation of Tibet.


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Princess Diana listens to speeches during the Association for Business Sponsorship of the Arts awards ceremony in London, December 9, 1993 after announcing that she would make less public appearences.


Clergy wave goodbye to Queen Elizabeth II as she leaves Westminster Abbey after attending a service to mark the 50th anniversary of her coronation In London June 2, 2003.


Britain's Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown (2L) is unmoved as members of the cabinet applaud British Prime Minister Tony Blair's keynote speech at the Labour Party conference in Bournemouth September 30, 2003.


Britain's Prime Minister Tony Blair listens as Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown delivers his keynote speech at the annual Labour party conference in Brighton, southern England, September 26, 2005. Brown, Prime Minister Tony Blair's most likely successor, pledged on Monday to press on with free market reforms, risking the wrath of those who want a shift left.


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Britain's Baroness Thatcher reads the order of service surrounded by empty seats as she waits for Queen Elizabeth II to deliver her speech at the State Opening of Parliament in the House of Lords in London, November 13, 2002.


Cranes cut into the skyline around St Paul's Cathedral, seen from Waterloo Bridge, in central London, February 4, 2002. Conservationists are critical of development plans for London, saying that the skyline will be spoiled due to proposed skyscrapers.

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II stands for the two minutes silence infront of wreaths of poppies during the Remembrance Sunday parade at the Cenotaph in central London November 12, 2000. Thousands of people joined the Queen, political leaders and military groups to remember Britain's war dead. 


Lone protestor carries mock coffin as he demonstrates in a field near security fence that surrounds Gleneagles near Auchterarder.  A lone protestor carries a mock coffin as he demonstrates in a field near the security fence that surrounds Gleneagles near Auchterarder as leaders from the major industrialised nations start their G8 Summit July 6, 2005. Riot police clashed with protesters close to the Gleneagles Hotel in Scotland on Wednesday after a demonstration against Group of Eight (G8) leaders ended in chaos.


Britain's Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh walk through the Royal Gallery in the House of Lords at the Palace of Westminster, during the State Opening of Parliament in London, November 23, 2004.


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Fireworks explode over tallships as they re-enact the battle of Trafalgar in the Solent off the coast of Portsmouth.  Fireworks explode over tallships sailing in the Solent off the coast of Portsmouth, southern England, during events to mark the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar June 28, 2005. Britain's Queen Elizabeth on Tuesday conducted the world's biggest naval review, off the southern English coast, to commemorate British naval hero Horatio Nelson's victory at the Battle of Trafalgar 200 years ago.


Italian police in riot gear baton charge English soccer fans during the World Cup qualifying match between Italy and England in Rome, October 11.


People make their way through heavy mist in London October 17, 2005. The mist saw the end of usually high temperatures for October, when temperatures in the south of England reached highs of 21 degrees Celsius (69.8 degrees Fahrenheit). The average maximum temperature for the south of England in October is 14 degrees Celsius (57.2 degrees Fahrenheit).


Ground crew clean a British Airways Concorde at Heathrow Airport in London October 23, 2003. The world's only supersonic airliner, Concorde, retires from commercial flight on October 24 after almost 30 years of jetting the rich and famous across the Atlantic at up to twice the speed of sound.


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England's captain Michael Vaughan holds the Ashes as England celebrate winning the Ashes series at The Oval cricket ground in London after beating Australia September 12, 2005. England won the final fifth test at The Oval in London, which gave the home team a 2-1 series win, to seal England's first Ashes triumph for almost two decades.


Diana, Princess of Wales sits in front of a British flag during a visit to the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital in Lahore February 22, 1997. The Princess and her millionaire companion Dodi Al Fayed died in a car crash in Paris, August 31.


Artist Zula Jansans from the Cottle and Austen Combined Circus makes his way back to the "big top" after promoting the opening of their show in London October 26, 2004. The show includes trapeze artists from Mongolia, balancing acts from Russia, clowns from Portugal and gymnastics from Kenya.


Finland's Tommi Makinen struggles to control his Mitsubishi as he rounds a bend on three wheels after losing his right rear wheel at Millbrook November 22, 2006. Carlos Sainz of Spain started the final leg of the rally Championship as leader.


A streaker is escorted by ground staff from the pitch during the Charlton Athletic v Aston Villa Premiership match at the Valley December 21, 1998.


Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon addresses a press conference in his office in Jerusalem January 9, 2003.


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Iraqi soldiers, their hands raised, walk to a U.S. position on March 19, 1991 as they surrender. U.S troops then search, disarm and sent them back to Iraq.


A helmet from one of the oil fire fighters from Boots and Coots is blown off his head as he manages to cut off a section of piping to help them extinquish the first of many oil well fires in the Al-Ahmadi oil field March 30, 1991. The fires were set by Iraqi troops retreating from Kuwait.


Kuwait residents drive through the street of Kuwait City waving national flags on the first day of liberation from the Iraqi Army by Allied forces 27 February 1991. Under Iraqi occupation ownership of a Kuwait national flag was punishable by death.


A Kuwaiti volunteer has his chest walked on by his military instructor during a basic training session in Saudi Arabia February 12, 1991. Many Kuwaitis who managed to escape from Kuwait when the Iraqi army invaded have joined up to fight against the Iraqi army. Each volunteer gets get six weeks training.


A convoy of Saudi Arabian armoured vehicles moves up to the battle front on the second day of the ground war February 26, 1991. Allied Forces swept into the Kuwait and Iraq in a effort to drive Iraqi forces from Kuwait.


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British soldiers from the Royal Air Force Regiment scramble to put on their nuclear, biological and chemical suits and gas masks during an Iraqi SCUD missile attack February 14, 1991. The missiles were successfully intercepted and destroyed by Patriot missiles.


Britain's Queen Elizabeth II stands with officers of the 1st and 2nd Battilions of the Grenadier Regiment of Foot Guards in full ceremonial uniform on Horse Guards Parade in London, May 26, 1992.


Prisoners are taken to the sports stadium in open topped trucks and buses under armed guard October 9, 1990 in central Kigali. The Rwandan government have been rounding up people they suspect have been involved in fighting after refugees from Uganda invaded on October 4. There are reports of reprisal killings by the predominately Hutu tribe of Tutsi tribe members.


New Prime Minister Tony Blair waves to well-wishers after first arriving at 10 Downing Street after winning a landslide election victory, May 2.  This was the first time in 18 years that the Labour Party has been in power.


Prime Minister John Major receives a pat on the back as he returns to Conservative Party headquarters after losing the General Election May 2. Tony-Blair's new-look Labour party stormed back to power for the first time since 1979 with a landslide victory on a scale unseen for 165 years.


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French President Francois Mitterrand (L), British Prime Minister John Major (C) and French Prime Minister Edouard Balladur take part in a photo session during the Anglo-French summit July 26, 1993 in Downing Street, London.


African Congress leader Nelson Mandela is greeted on the steps on 10 Downing Street in London by Britain’s Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher July 4, 1990. This was the first time they had met and were due to discuss sanctions during their meeting.


Liverpool’s John Aldridge (C) celebrates after scoring four minutes into the FA Cup Final amid Everton  defenders Pat Nevin (L) and Paul Bracewell at Wembley Stadium in London May 20, 1989.  Liverpool won 3-2 after extra time.  


A Tawny Eagle struggles with its lunch, a large frog, in Nairobi’s national park March 20, 1990. Kenya’s national park is only a few miles from the capital Nairobi but contains much of Kenya’s natural wildlife that exists in their natural habitat under protection of the law.


A boy from the Dinka tribe covers himself in ash of cow dung to protect himself against mosquito in his village, Bor south Sudan September 20, 1990. The tribesmen bring their cattle into camps from the bush during the night to protect them against raids.


Young children suffering from the effects of civil war, malnutrition and disease wait to be seen at a temporary medical clinic in the rebel held town of Kapoeta, south Sudan September 23, 1990. Next week in New York world leaders are meeting to discuss the plight of suffering children globally.


A female Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front fighter guards a former government building in Addis Ababa June 8, 1991 as the EPRDF start to build political infrastructure. Many women took part in front line fighting as the EPRDF forces swept into the capital overthrowing the government.


Prisoners who are suspected of being members of the military force that invaded Rwanda from Uganda are questioned by a Rwandan soldier in the capital Kigali October 7, 1990. The Rwandan soldiers, many very nervous, are rounding up all people that have no identification papers. 


A man is restrained by police officers after the Notting Hill Carnival in London erupted in violence late August 28, 1989. Bottles and stones were thrown at police who made baton charges into the crowd.    


A starving infant suckles at her mother’s breast in the rebel SPLA held town of Kapoeta September 24, 1990. Many women and children are fleeing the towns and villages to hid in the bush as the Sudanese government has stepped up bombing raids o rebel held towns at the start of the dry season.


A U.S army medic feels the heart beat of a displaced Iraqi boy in a military medical centre set up in the southern Iraqi town of Safwan April 7, 1991.  The boy, who has a complex heart condition, according to his mother will die, unless he gets specialist treatment that the army cannot provide and is n longer available in Iraq after the fighting.


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