I am always happy to talk about news photography, the impact it has on the world, the ethics around it and the news picture business in general. Some of the most rewarding addresses for me personally have been at universities and colleges where young people are starting their careers in the picture industry. Below are a few of the places I have been lucky enough to address.

An ambition achieved as I spoke at the Royal Geographical Society in October as part of the Digital Doughnut Inspiration conference, the celebration of creativity, ideas and innovation. Subjects touched on were curation, the impact of social media and inspiring photographers to develop their story telling ideas through narrative and visual experimentation.

Through Reuters picture partners in Oslo, NTV I was asked to speak at the Hostseminaret. This was shortly after the publication of the pictures of the drowned refugee boy Aylan Kurdi on a beach in Turkey. The question posed; The war, the humanitarian disaster and distress in Syria has lasted for nearly five years. With images of three year old Aylan who ended his life in flight on a beach in Greece woke Europe in earnest. The suffering and the desperate flight had a face and a scene that touched people worldwide. Since the photo was published have the commitment and the desire to help has increased in many European countries. In Norway, as in many other countries, changed the picture the public debate about what has become the largest influx of refugees since World War II on the European continent. At this year's autumn seminar will meet Russell Boyce, global editor of "News Projects Pictures" in Reuters in London that talks about narrative power of good press photo. How designs can touch us, influencing international events and change the world. You can see the address here