Wanna Alessandro, who lives in a squat, leans in a doorway of the old tile factory on Lea Bridge Road.
Harari Haasan, who works in Daddy’s Kebabs leans out of the serving hatch on Lea Bridge Road Septenmber 1, 2023. He said despite only living here for six months he likes the area as he thinks it’s nice.
A man walks through shadows cast by trees as he listens to his mobile walking along Lea Bridge Road, London September 4, 2023.
A woman vapes and blows smoke as she walks past dumped furniture on Bickely Road just of Lea Bridge Road, London, September 1, 2023.
Undertakers Conor Bolt and Donna Riggs who work for Cooks Carriages keep horses Robin and Chiron, who pull the hearse, under control as they wait for the start of a funeral just off Lea Bridge Road, London.
A man sits reading a newspaper and eating his breakfast in the BB Cafe on Lea Bridge Road July 29, 2023.
Rozerin and her mother Fadime Colak inside their laundrette 'Solis' on Lea Bridge Road April 16, 2023.
A staff member of Bootlaces, a pub on Lea Bridge Road stands in the doorway of the bar June 29, 2023.
Paul ‘Stanley’ Coke waits outside his flat, with his scooter on the junction of Lea Bridge Road, London.

Anne Mondesir, who lives on Whitney Road, waits for a bus on Lea Bridge Road August 23, 2022.

Owner of Le Chic hair & Beauty salon Delise Clarke stands at the door of her shop on Lea Bridge Road, London August 17, 2022.

Kousar Arif outside her second-hand clothing shop on 372 Lea Bridge Road August 17, 2022.

A man looks at his phone as he smokes a cigarette outside Harlequin Glass and Mirror shop on the corner of Melbourne Road and Lea Bridge Road July 30, 2022.

A woman walks past a figure of Captain America outside ‘Power Up Nutrition’ shop on the Lea Bridge Road July 30, 2022.

Richard Williamson, who moved into his home on 289 Lea Bridge Road, London a year ago, paints the front of his home January 9, 2022.

Zaheer Ahmed sells seasonal mangoes on the junction of Lea Bridge Road and Hoe Street as people walk past his stall July 30, 2022.

A man’s shadow is cast on a wall near Lea Bridge rail station in bright morning sunshine on the Lea Bridge Road, London, January 18, 2022.

A woman, wrapped up against the cold wind, pushes a wheelchair out of the Human Relief Foundation shop on the Lea Bridge Road April 23, 2022.

A tree surgeon from Gristwood and Toms throws down a branch as he pollards a tree on the Lea Bridge Road April 28, 2022.

A man works on the side wall of Kashmir barbers as steam from a heating system exhaust is seen in the bright morining sunshine on the Lea Bridge Road, London January 18, 2022.

A man walks slowly across Heybridge Way on the junction of Lea Bridge Road, London in the morning mist January 15, 2022.

A man wearing headphones is refelcted in a mirror in a shop window as he walks along the Lea Bridge Road, London November 13, 2021.

People load washing in the Launderama Launderette on 305 Lea Bridge Road December 4, 2021.

Barber Murad is seen through his shop window as he works in Imza Traditional Turkish Barber on the Lea Bridge Road November 26, 2021.

Luke Cay, who works for J&S motorcycle clothing and Accessories on Lea Bridge Road takes a break from work November 13, 2021.

A discarded lottery ticket stand outside a grocers shop as man delivers goods on a sack trolley on the Lea Bridge Road in London December 4, 2021.

Receptionist at AestheticBabe on Lea Bridge Road, looks out from her salon November 13, 2021.

Cars for sale are covered in bird shit under the Bakers Arms rail bridge on the Lea Bridge Road in London December 4, 2021.

A woman takes a long draw on a cigarette as she pauses on the Lea Bridge Road to look at her phone November 26, 2021.


Gutters are cleared at the Legends Turkish Barbers as Uber Eats delivery and a pedestrian hurry past on the Lea Bridge Road.

Newspapers cover the shop window that is being offered for rent on the Lea Bridge Road

Masked up to protect against COVID and off to the shops on the Lea Bridge Road.

Walking through the rail under pass on the Lea Bridge Road.

Waiting for the right bus on the Lea Bridge Road.

A fashion shoot using muted colours, shadows of trees and soft side light on the junction of Lea Bridge Road and Perth Road as the World passes by February 5, 2021.

Boys play football in the street during coronavirus COVID-19 lockdown just off the Lea Bridge Road February 5, 2021.

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