In 1985, at the start of my career as a photographer, I was living in Peterborough and trying to balance time needed between going out and shooting pictures and waiting for that call which would mean paid work. It was a pre-mobile phone, pre digital age, the answer phone was cutting edge communication technology. Frustrated by the amount of 'wasted' time spent at home waiting it struck me the number of people who would knock at my door. I decided that I'd photograph everyone who called. Today, as a nod to the pre-digital age, I built a darkroom at home, printed my black and white negatives, scanned them and published them here. I am also trying to track down as many of these people to reshoot them on their own doorsteps. Where I have had success finding them I've created a combination picture. I think the callers very much belong to a bygone age. By clicking to the first picture it will take you to a video if you prefer to look that way. Enjoy.

Trick or Treat? Halloween 1985

Chris Lowndes Photographer from the Peterborough Evening Telegraph in 1985 and then at home in March 2021
Gary Harrison Post Office Telecommunications Engineer in 1985 and then at home in March 2021.
Jane Stephens collecting for the Red Cross in 1985 and then at home in March 2021.
Andrew Stephens, a Postman with a 'sign for' delivery in 1985 and then at home in March 2021. He is married to Jane above.

Jack Russell, Vernons Football Pools salesman.

Free sheet paper boy.

Market Researcher for local papers .

The Avon Lady.

The 'Man from the Pru'.

A Surveyor (with his wooden folding ruler).

Door to Door vegetable seller.

A Plumber (or maybe carpenter).


The door at 18 Adderley, Bretton, Peterborough in 2021 where all the pictures were shot from in 1985.

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