The exhibition of 'Overheard in Lockdown' at the Temple enclosure in Wanstead Park, Epping Forest. The pictures were on show between February 11 and March 26, 2023. The exhibition was sponsored by the Stow Brothers and supported by City of London, Epping Forest.

During the coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown in London, many have taken to daily exercise which is permitted under the rules. Most of us have slipped into a routine - same place, same time and often same conversation. The pictures below are portraits of the people on their daily exercise with partners, family or a friend, with a small snippet of conversation overheard while walking through Wanstead Park in London, during the two weeks leading up to Prime Minister Boris Johnson announcement outlining the roadmap to ending lockdown on February 22, 2021. Let’s hope we are well on the way for COVID, these repetitive walks (and sometimes conversations) are finally consigned to history. What is important to me is that the images and comments by ordinary people, during this challenging time, are archived for the future.

If you click on the first picture it will take you to a video slide show of the images below. Stay safe.

'Stanley’s the worst, eating dog poo that is still warm and fresh'. Dog walkers Duna Hernandez-Sierra and Simon Bulpin

'I thought it would be over by March, but with the new strains it’s going to take longer'. Robert Munden and Don Emmerson

'Retirement feels like a real privilege’. Dorothy Spence and her daughter Louisa

‘You pay for the suite and then you get it fitted. We’ve done so much DIY in lockdown'. Marilyn Grynberg and Barbara Dunn

‘What I’m missing are the holidays I’m not going on'. Ian Dunn and Warren Grynberg

‘At Christmas you were able to meet up with one person, then he went on the TV and it all changed’. Teresa Scully and Linda Petrie

'We’ve all broken the rules from time to time, but it’s so nice to see the little old ladies meeting up for their walks now'. Maria Tallon and Josee Gritten

‘We’ve been binge-watching The Serpent. Have you seen it?'. Paula Medland and Sue Barnes

‘Jonny has asked me what potatoes to have with steak tonight. What do you think?’ Gemma Green, Alice Nutman and Louise Pinn

'I usually run through the park but walking and talking is a completely different experience'. Emma and Ciaran Joyce

'Daddy I want a haircut. I really want a haircut’. Ray Saleh with daughter Famita and son Momo.

'It's good to get out and away from home schooling and screen-square-eyes, to have some fun'. Hallie-Ann Baker-Tofts, her husband Chris and son Dexter

‘I keep cycling the same old loop again and again’. Davide Terrasi and Naiem Dakry

'If we don't get away for a break by August, we're all doomed’. Jon Gritten and Daryll Petrie (and dog Alfie).

'To think, this time last year we were skiing in Italy'. People walk past Catherine Finkernagel and Kathryn Mckenna (dogs Milo and Hermione).

'But how can you do that in a relationship?'. Fiona Jones and Wendy Branch

'She's really supportive without being cute'. Sarah Lowe and Louise Gunstock

Boris Johnson announces the four-step roadmap out of lockdown, February 22, 2021