Artist Marcus Bracey is the fourth generation of his family who have made, bought and displayed neon works. His work is displayed ‘God’s Own Junkyard’ a permanent gallery in London. Some of Marcus’s works have appeared in films such as ‘Mission Impossible’ and ‘Eyes Wide Shut’. He also creates neon art to decorate major department stores. Some pieces bought by celebrities such as Kate Moss.

The earliest pieces in the gallery, often used for film shoots, date back to the 1950s, when Marcus’s grandfather left his job as a miner to join a lighting company and eventually make signs for carnivals. Many sex shop signs can also be found, pieces made in the 1980s by Marcus’s father Chris who flooded London’s Soho sex shops with neon signs in a bid to turn the area into a replica of Las Vegas.


Marcus’s new works take around six weeks to make with neon moulded over 800-degree burners. They are made by Nick Ellwood who describes himself as a ‘neon bender’ in their east London workshop.



Marcus recently sold a large God Save the Queen neon sign in front of a heart-shaped, Union Jack flag for £58,000 pounds at auction.


I’ve included a few 360-degree images that I experimented with at the time.

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