Since January I have been busy putting together a retrospective of my Peterborough work titled 'Newtown Youth 1985' for the Museum of Youth Culture, published a mini book with Cafe Royal Books of documentary photography from Hull 1983, revisited a 25-year-old picture essay 'portraits of people knocking at my door' and traced and photographed them today. I've worked on a COVID-19 story, 'Overheard In Lockdown', documenting walkers in a London park, their thoughts and portraits. I'm currently shooting a series of environmental portraits that document the changing face of London's community in one High Street, using medium format and 35mm.

I worked at Reuters for over twenty years, first as an international news photographer based in London, then as Chief Photographer Asia, shaping the news coverage of a diverse region. Back in London I managed 'The Wider Image', co-ordinating and mentoring photographers globally to produce in-depth long form visual stories. At the same time driving picture content on Reuters Instgram and Twitter feeds. Finally, I managed the Middle East and Africa, managing photographers and pursuing sensitive news coverage of a turbulent and often dangerous region.


Recently Cafe Royal Books have published the first of three planned books from my documentary photography series, which was shot in Hull during the early 1980's. The first, Rag and Bone documents the daily working life of George Norris, a 19-year-old rag and bone man, who is following in the footseps of three generations before him.