I worked at Reuters for over twenty years, first as an international news photographer based in London, then as Chief Photographer Asia, shaping the news coverage of a turbulent region. Then, back in London, I coordinated photographers worldwide to produce picture packages targeted at telling the in-depth story behind breaking news which Reuters brands as The Wider Image. At the same time driving  picture content on Reuters Instagram and Twitter feeds. Finally being in charge of breaking news and in-depth pictures coverage from the Middle East and Africa.

The picture business is changing fast and faces many challenges. Platform and hand-held device technology is altering the way people consume news and information. Aggregators of news via social media, smart phones and the rise of the citizen-journalist all mean that today‚Äôs consumer expects to see breaking news pictures instantly and for free. Fake news and algorithms are polarising opinion and view points. Readers see more of what they already believe as opposed to seeing facts and information that will both inform them and encourage them to question previously held views  


And while social media has impressive scope, it can be a free-for-all that lacks journalistic integrity. At the heart of what I am trying to do now is mentoring photographers to develop the potential of sophisticated long form story-telling, which cannot be professionally executed by citizen journalists.


Recently Cafe Royal Books have published the first of three planned books from my documentary photography series, which was shot in Hull during the early 1980's. The first, Rag and Bone documents the daily working life of George Norris, a 19-year-old rag and bone man, who is following in the footseps of three generations before him.